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The Artlands Presents: Jill Emery
6:00 PM18:00

The Artlands Presents: Jill Emery

Join us for a featured artist reception for Jill Emery.

Jill has been active in the Los Angeles art scene for nearly 25 years. A founding member of Hole and a member of Mazzy Star as well as many independent bands that were always in the picture during her art making. She is self taught in both music and art.

Part of her process in painting has been to think about words in a poetic/symbolic/spiritual sense. Her paintings come with a story, that make them pretty free flowing and cathartic. Animals play a part in letting us know they are living sensitive beings and should be treated with utmost respect, at any given time they could also be referred to as self portraits. Portraits of philosophers, musicians, and spiritual speakers are of a big subject as well.

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